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“Our workshops begin with a little back story on the purpose and importance of special effects makeup in the entertainment industry. We brainstorm and discuss the different areas in a dramatic piece where special effects makeup will help carry a narrative and fill out a character’s story and journey. We then focus on a specific special effect, whether it be a bruise, frostbite, a burn or a scab and we talk about the body, it’s reactions to elements and it’s awesome abilities to rebuild skin and send healing to an area, etc. We make the texture using professional SPFX products as well as stuff you can find at home and learn how to apply the right shades to make a realistic and convincing looking effect”


  • 1st-3rd degree burns using gelatin and charcoal

  • Flakey scabs using oatmeal and latex

  • Fresh scrapes using latex and fake blood

  • Road rash using coffee granules and latex

  • Frostbite using sugar and latex



“ I was so thrilled with the special effects makeup workshop organized by SPFX! Our students ‘ participated in both a half day and a full day seminar here at our school and the students all loved how hands-on and fun special effects make up was to apply. Learning how to create bruises, scrapes, cuts and road rash was super cool and a great application for our dramatic and visual arts programs. Misty and her team of professionals were so approachable and helpful when answering any of our students’ questions – they made the workshop a friendly and creative work space for all levels of ‘make up artists.’ We will definitely incorporate another SPFX workshop at Linden again!”


-Deidre Macpherson, Athletics Director and Lead Co-ordinator of

Week Without Walls at the Linden School


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