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We are selling special effects kits for kids

In the past couple of weeks since the world began facing massive changes as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we here at SPFX Kids have also been making changes. We realize now, that more than ever, kids need to be inspired and entertained.

We endeavoured to host weekly live workshops on Instagram using stuff you can mostly find at home, but this is tricky as we are limited by what effects we can do together and we don't want to put pressure on parents to source different items each week as restrictions tighten and online shopping faces further delays. So, we have decided to put together an "SPFX Kids Essentials" kit. We will also be selling individual items so our previous campers or kids who have an existing collection of FX make up can "top up" their kits also. This will provide participants with all the right stuff like latex, grease paint, and different fake bloods, as well some tools to help them complete our future live workshops. We understand that parents may be on a tighter budget right now and we have focused on keeping the cost reasonable while delivering high performance products, we will also be doing our best to get these kits to the kids real fast.

Please stay tuned, we will be launching our online store this week until then, stay safe, stay home and we can't wait to create cool and gross special effects with you all very soon!

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