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***IMPORTANT update - Venue Change SPFX KIDS HALLOWEEN PARTY 26th-Oct-2019 @ 1pm at Miss Things

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Hello to our SPFX Kids, their friends and their families (excluding pets and any old school lunches you have left in your backpacks that now have a life of their own) We would like to invite you all to a grave affair, something a little scary, and a lot of fun....

Come to our first and soon to be annual Halloween party, this year’s theme is “Creepy Prom” (without the awkwardness of bringing a date) formal prom attire is encouraged but not compulsory. There will be contests running for costumes, and prizes given (and not participation awards) There will be games to play and some spooky music as well as some recent hits chosen from googling "What music do tweens listen to 2019?"

So come and creep it real with all your friends from camp and many others.. Tickets are 10 bucks, you can purchase them here or at the door (address in link) 50% of the sales will be donated to Second Harvest

"If you can be anything in life, be gross" - Misty Fox (Artistic Director)

"If you are going to buy party snacks please keep your receipts" - Lindsey Williams (Camp and Operations Director)


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