SPFX KIDS - Fresh Brains

(Level 1)


July 13th - 17th (SOLD OUT) August 10th - 14th (SOLD OUT)

August 17th - 21st (ONLY 2  SPOTS  REMAIN!!)

Ages 9 -13 but welcome to all and if parent supervision is required for the younger kids then you get to learn too!

In this course we will go through the fundamentals, kit care, safety measures, product identification, tools and techniques, biology of human injury response, bruises, fresh scrapes, road rash, pickable and flaky-bloody scabs, 3rd degree burns, frostbite, deep cuts, maggot-infested zombie wounds and zombie makeovers complete with homemade green pus.

Kits provided (they keep them) have everything needed from 6 colour grease paint wheel, a set of FX brushes, disposables, setting powder, FX sponges including silicone stipple and black stipple, scar wax/putty, fake blood, scab blood, latex, dirt powder, charcoal, gelatin burn powder) $10 flat fee for shipping/delivery applies.


Time commitment - 10 x 1.5 hour workshops twice a day for a week. We will fully cover 2 effects per day - this aligns with the lesson load of our camp anyway. we may run longer and that's ok on my end, I don’t want the participants to feel rushed


SPFX KIDS - Extra Bloody

(Level 2)

July 20th - 24th & August 24th - 28th

Aimed at campers who have completed level 1 or else it is best suited to 13-16 year olds. This course is more advanced but we will be there to help them every step of the way.

In this course we will learn to mix and match skin tones using the 10 colour grease palette to make concealer/base. We will use this new skill to apply to our severed fingers workshop. We follow with exposed bones and tendons, rotten molars, vein work, festering blisters, pet puke (with chunks). We complete the week with an intro to making, applying and blending prosthetic pieces (prosthetic appliances supplied in kits include: gashes and keloid/hypertrophic scars)

Kits provided (these are extended and include the bigger 10 colour grease palette, multiple prosthetic pieces including stitched up cuts and both scars, as well as safe adhesives and effective remover, disposables and both stipple sponges, FX brush set with chip brush and toothbrush, tools and a mixing palette) and $10 flat fee for shipping.


Time commitment - 3 hours a day broken up into 2 sessions of 1.5 hours, running from 10am-11:30am and 1pm-2:30pm, we may run longer and that's ok on my end, again I don’t want the participants to feel rushed.


**If your child or tween/teen wishes to do the two weeks then the kits will be combined and not duplicated so you're not ending up with doubles! We will apply a refund of $45.00 to your account once registrations for both weeks has been completed.


"The best day camp ever!"

- Henry, Violet & Greta


Virtual Camp (1 Week)

$225 + HST

This secures a spot in our 10 lessons with our instructor Misty Fox, these workshops are interactive and require a laptop or other device with a wireless connection. 

Sibling Discount of 20% for additional child

Kit Fee

Level 1 Fresh Brains $90

Level 2 Extra Bloody $125

Kit includes everything needed to complete the course, including products, tools, disposables and removers. Our kits are sanitary and will be sent to your home 

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